30 Jul 2005 JJ Burnel presents Saturday Rock Show, BBC 6 Music

JJ Burnel stands in for Bruce Dickinson to present the Saturday Rock Show on BBC 6 Music Tracklisting The Stranglers – Five Minutes The Fight – Can’t Be Bothered Kinski – Hot Stenographer Accept – Balls To The Wall Soundtrack Of Our Lives – Big Time Axe To Grind Van Halen – Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love News The Beat Up – All Messed Up Smashing Pumpkins – Apples And Oranges The Chronics – Slippin’ And Slidin’ PJ Harvey – The Letter Metallica – Nothing Else Matters The Posies – Second Time Around Tony Iommi – Dopamine Jesus And Mary Chain – Upside Down Iggy Pop – Gimme Some Skin Beachbuggy – Easycome Easygo The D4 – What I Want The Hives – Supply And Demand Singapore Sling – Overdriver The Subways – With You The Beastie Boys – Sabotage Partchimp – War Machine Val’s Rock News Fear Factory – Moment of Impact Alice Cooper – School’s Out Rob Dickinosn – Handsome Def Leppard – Animal The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Monkey Puzzle Iron Maiden – Trooper Jimi Hendrix – Highway Chile Forward Russia – Thirteen Mew – Apocalypso Within’ Temptation – Stand My Ground A Life Once Lost – Needleman The Skintight Jaguars – Thunderbone Re : Live The Datsuns – In Love Faith No More – Midlife Crisis Lighters Aloft Turbonegro – City of Satan Jackson United – Lion’s Roar One More For The Road The Secret Machines – First Wave Intact