Stranglers covered – Hanging Around, Hazel O’Connor

Due to Hugh Cornwell’s imprisonment for a drug offence, Hazel O’Connor joined the Stranglers at The Rainbow in London on 3rd & 4th April 1980 for vocals on Hanging Around.
Hazel O'Connor & The Stranglers - Grip/Hanging Around Live
the-stranglers-and-friends-in-concert-the-stranglers Released by Albion Records as a single in September 1981, reached no. 45 in the UK singles chart, produced by Toni Visconti. Listen on Spotify hanging-around-hazel-oconnor Also on her third studio album Covered Plus released in 1981. cover-plus-hazel-oconnor Video
hazel o'connor-hanging around
2010 ‘Breaking Glass Live’ tour …
Hazel O'Connor - Hanging Around - Holmfirth Picturedrome - Saturday 20th November 2010
Mr Kyps, Poole- 16th March 2013
Hazel O'Connor- 'Hanging Around' (The Stranglers) - Mr Kyps, Poole- 16th March 2013