19 Nov 2011 The Stranglers in London


The Stranglers convention – live review
"The Stranglers convention is a two day affair built around one of the longest lasting British bands whose back catalogue is an exercise in diversity and imagination and who are working up a new album, their seventeenth- provisionally titled ‘Giants’ that hints at being one of their best yet."


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Mean To Me [lyte id="wyXg6idOEyM" /]

In The Shadows [lyte id="zCZAEIGkTBA" /]

European Female [lyte id="fPzjgdrPLzA" /]

Shut Up [lyte id="eJqsMJjOIlE" /]

Outside Tokyo [lyte id="nJ6SvOD_Dhg" /]

Hey! Rise Of The Robots [lyte id="zTlqbjhQdpM" /]

Don't Bring Harry [lyte id="qIWH63GBMYI" /]

Curfew [lyte id="sAUrFHWMtvc" /]

Nice n Sleazy [lyte id="FpFVhHCopkg" /]

Old Codger [lyte id="lHVr7ukH3U4" /]

Gus & Fin - Hanging Around [lyte id="iB-d4AEfSsA" /]

Gus & Fin -Something Better Change [lyte id="JDkLk8wFeMI" /]