20 Nov 2011 The Stranglers in London


The Stranglers convention – live review
"Warne has been a game changer for the band. When he joined they suddenly seemed to wake up again. Growing up in the same generation as the band’s fan base he understood what made the band special to their followers and the two albums he has been heavily involved in, ‘Norfolk Coast’ and ‘Suite 16′ were marked returns to form for the band. The second Stranglers set played on the Sunday underlines this."


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Giants [lyte id="BXNZhVcuetI" /]

Quark Strangeness & Charm [lyte id="aCTQh1LUMm0" /]

Bless You [lyte id="SPl7Ndz1vZw" /]

Thrown Away [lyte id="1xjJajtC2iw" /]

No More Heroes [lyte id="VdtaW6HaH5I" /]

Lowlands [lyte id="IlEefeFZqdM" /]

Swine [lyte id="EUXUrCr_oHE" /]

Lunch with JJ & Baz