20 Jan 2012 Hugh Cornwell in “Portlandia: The Tour”, Music Hall of Williamsburg

Portlandia: The Tour in Williamsburg, Brooklyn: The Joke's On Me
"Following that, the pair did a reprisal of their roles as the proprietors of the "Women and Women, Too" feminist bookstore, bringing out Hugh Cornwell of the Stranglers to play a briny song that was probably the most entertaining three minutes of the night."

Golden Brown
PORTLANDIA with Hugh Cornwell "Golden Brown" @ Music Hall of Williamsburg, NYC 1/20/12
Hugh makes guest appearance in “Portlandia: The Tour”, a stage show adaptation of the US TV comedy series Portlandia.

12 Jan 2012 Interview: JJ Burnel, Jet Black

The Stranglers stay in the game
"Well, you say that, but you develop techniques for coping," he says. "As a young drummer you tend to do a lot of this [flails arms around wildly], but these days I play more from the wrists. The day I give up will be when I've got weeks to live, I should think. I don't have much motivation for any other kind of exercise, but drumming I still love."