25 Feb 2012 Hugh Cornwell in Phoenix

Review/Pics - Hugh Cornwell, Glen Matlock, Glass Heroes (Crescent Ballroom, PHX)
"Hugh Cornwell's set seemed a little darker right from the start. Maybe it was due to the dark blue lights, the ominous Stranglers opener of 'Toiler on the Sea', more minor chord usage in Cornwell's writing and the general menacing demeanor of this punk survivor."

Glen Matlock-Hugh Cornwell (and Clem Burke/Steve Fishman) + Glass Heroes, Crescent Ballroom, Phoenix, 2-25-12
"Originals from the 70s punk rock era all together on one stage ..."

Goodbye Tolouse
Hugh Cornwell - Goodbye Toulouse (live PHX 2-25-12)

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