24 Mar 2012 The Stranglers in Manchester

Review: The Stranglers @ Manchester Academy – March 24
"After four decades of touring it can be hard to live up to a hard-rocking reputation, but for veteran punk band The Stranglers it was a walk on the beach"

The Stranglers at the Manchester Academy - 24th March 2012

Stranglers - Lowlands - Manchester Academy - March 2012

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23 Mar 2012 The Stranglers in Sheffield

Live Review: The Stranglers @ O2 Academy, Sheffield
"A lot of the older audience said this is the closest us young ‘uns will get to a gig from the 70’s and 80’s, and I truly believe them."

The Stranglers @ O2 Academy, Sheffield, 23.3.12
"I have to admit, in comparison with their previous performances, I felt that the long tour had taken its toll not only on Jet Black but on the rest of the band. They did not seem to have the same energy as usual."

Review : The Stranglers @ Sheffield Academy
"It’s no mean feat when a band manages to span a total of five decades. But that’s exactly what punk’s bad boy veterans The Stranglers have now done"

The Stranglers plus Mike Marlin and The Popes, Sheffield O2 Academy 23/03/12

The stranglers-Sheffield O2-Tank

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20 Mar 2012 The Stranglers in Guildford

True legends The Stranglers still going strong after 40 years
"By the time they returned for an encore, they were in full flow and belted out Duchess and All Day & All Of The Night to remind us of just two more reasons why they have become true legends over the past (count them) 40 years."

Always The Sun
The Stranglers Always the sun

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