10 Mar 2012 The Stranglers in Birmingham

The Stranglers live review
"Dave Greenfield who’s been the band’s keyboardist since 1975 didn’t drop a note, even in the overwhelmingly long keys solo in ‘Walk On By’ – a truly underrated musician."

The Stranglers / The Popes @ The Academy Birmingham, Saturday 10th March 2012
"Jet Black. Let’s face it, the guy is a legend. Born before World War Two broke out he was diagnosed with a heart condition in 2007 and yet here he is, pounding away on the drums for 90 minutes like a man, well, quarter his age."

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The Stranglers, O2 Academy, Birmingham 10/03/12

Live Review: The Stranglers
"The mostly instrumental ‘Walk On By’ served as the gig’s highlight, with the audience in constant astonishment at Baz Warne’s stunning guitar riffs, which were backed by Dave Greenfield’s raging keyboard arpeggios."

The Stranglers Live Review @ O2 Academy [1, 2 and 3] (Birmingham) - 10 Mar 2012
"When you hear of old acts returning after so long it can understandably make your heart sink, a lot after all never return to be anywhere near the standard they were before but this is one thing that can definitely not be said for The Stranglers."

The Stranglers, O2 Academy, Birmingham
"The secret to The Stranglers longevity it seems, is their versatility and ability to adapt, married with a pure love of what they do."

Burning Up Time

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10 Mar 2012 Hugh Cornwell in Seattle

Hugh Cornwell @ El Corazon (Seattle)

Cornwell and Matlock pack a classic-punk punch
"Hugh Cornwell smiled at the crowd and noted that he was quite pleased with the way he took a few songs and formed them into a Stranglers sandwich to start off his set."

Nice n Sleazy

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09 Mar 2012 Review: Giants, music-news.com

The Stranglers Giants
"The new Stranglers offering, Giants, opens up with a guitar riff that stands somewhere between John Lee Hooker and Metallica’s Enter Sandman. That normally would send people scurrying off to find a reason for the change in style, the departure from the Stranglers’ norm. However it really is the start of an album that stands as one of the finest that the band have ever delivered."

09 Mar 2012 The Stranglers in London

The Stranglers Perform At The Roundhouse In London

The Stranglers, Roundhouse
"It was noticeable early on that there was only a smattering of pogoing, but by the end the front half of the Roundhouse was a sea of geriatric moshing."

The Stranglers: Roundhouse

The Stranglers - live @ the Roundhouse, London, 09/03/12
"The gig closer is 'Tank' - JJ smashing his bass with explosive power - a track which blew the crowd's balls off at the count of three!!"

Concert review: The Stranglers at the Roundhouse
"Overall, the sound was great, the crowd loved them and I saw several men on the wrong side of 50 crawling out of the ‘mosh pit’ covered in sweat; so it must have been a good night."

The Stranglers - "Sometimes" at The Roundhouse, London, 9 March 2012

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