Stephen Petronio’s Lareigne to be performed by Purchase Dance Company

Purchase Dance Performance Highlights Modern Choreographers
"Purchase, NY - The Conservatory of Dance at Purchase College, SUNY presents its 2012 Spring Dance Concert — a rare opportunity for audiences to enjoy an unparalleled performance and the choreography of four distinguished artists in a single program."

“Set to a relentless electronic score by David Linton (introduced by a redeeming blast of the Stranglers), this abrasive, crackling piece is a snapshot of all we have come to know as the best and worst features of Petronio’s style” … Continue reading

13 Apr 2012 The Stranglers in Paris

The Stranglers - Live à l'Olympia
"Les punks terminent leur concert avec "No More Heroes" et "Something Better Change", la foule est plus hystérique qu’aux concerts jeunes groupes tels que Metronomy… Impressionnant."

"Ils ont beau pendre au bout de cordes sur la pochette de leur dernier opus, les Stranglers sont pourtant loin d'être morts !"

5 Minutes
The Stranglers - Five Minutes - Live @ l'Olympia - 13-04-2012

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