19 Oct 2012 Hugh Cornwell in London




Concert review: Hugh Cornwell at the O2 Academy Islington
" It’s an interesting exercise in the transformative power of crowds because frankly – and as objectively as I can manage – the new album is not really so different from the old."

Hugh Cornwell O2 Academy, Islington
"Cornwell was greeted by a lot of fans, more in fact than at Cornwell’s previous gig at the same venue. Which made me wonder whether they all gathered to check out his new album, or whether they flocked together for old times sake and to listen to Cornwell’s take on The Stranglers golden brownies."

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Totem And Taboo
The Face
I Want One Of Those
Stuck In Daily Mail Land
Bad Vibrations
God Is Woman
Love Me Slender
Gods, Guns And Gays
A Street Names Carroll
In The Dead of The Night
Feel Like A Wog
Dead Ringer
Dagenham Dave
Bring On The Nubiles
Something Better Change
No More Heroes
Peasant In The Big Shitty
Burning Up Time
English Towns
School Mam
Strange Little Girl
Nerves of Steel
Going To The City
Hanging Around


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Sound check Totem and Taboo

Hugh Cornwell Soundcheck O2 Islington 2012 Totem & Taboo

Strange Little Girl

Hugh Cornwell O2 Islington 2012 Strange Little Girl

Something Better Change

Hugh Cornwell O2 Islington 2012 Something Better Change


Hugh Cornwell Soundcheck O2 Islington 2012 Bitching

Hanging Around

Hugh Cornwell (The Stranglers) Hanging Around

Bitching / Dead Ringer

Hugh Cornwell - O2 Academy Islington - October 2012