26 Apr 2012 The Stranglers in Utrecht

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The Stranglers @ Tivoli

I'm A Wonker, I'm A Wonker..... Utrecht & Leuven April 2012


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Peaches [lyte id="gkWhnosoUNs" /]

No More Heroes [lyte id="hztLqcoywPo" /]

Giants [lyte id="3cxolCKYENc" /]

Lost Control [lyte id="5MLfN00YnA4" /]

Shut Up [lyte id="g0baPWBPUC8" /]

Relentless [lyte id="24jr511j4Jo" /]

5 Minutes [lyte id="mZGpRQuOt3U" /]

Mecury Rising [lyte id="8hZJPH83UXA" /]

Something Better Change [lyte id="O_t9tRYo_OI" /]

Nice N Sleazy [lyte id="uHkQP12m6z0" /]

Boom Boom [lyte id="F8nJkCdbyJA" /]

Duchess [lyte id="PeKlyjBJRIQ" /]

All Day And All Of The Night [lyte id="hyJl6yw_H_k" /]

Tank [lyte id="QRDFvPYon44" /]

Burning Up Time [lyte id="Av7mc5OgnmM" /]

Sometimes [lyte id="3LraxSASrXE" /]

The Raven [lyte id="-OKsu8xgza8" /]

Lowlands [lyte id="Tugsf64U6dE" /]

Hey! (Rise Of The Robots) [lyte id="Rw46_MYKbzk" /]

Hanging Around [lyte id="28aISj-fMGg" /]

Unbroken [lyte id="YnGsHyWXuPk" /]

Time Was Once On My Side [lyte id="2XxfaJ_izcA" /]

Golden Brown [lyte id="lfe6bcjTQQc" /]

Strange Little Girl [lyte id="ZSZDHmL7ypo" /]

Always The Sun [lyte id="-43w1CpQ7Ew" /]

The Stranglers @ Tivoli, Utrecht 26 April 20012 by Dominique.Storm