01 Mar 2013 Interview: JJ Burnel, The Scotsman

The Stranglers on their new album and UK tour
"But just how much longer it can remain intact is a matter of concern for diehard fans. Time is starting to catch up on its members, and a generation who considered JJ Burnel to be “the young one” might be slightly surprised, if not alarmed, to learn that the bass guitarist is now 61. There’s worse to come."

01 Mar 2013 The Stranglers in Edinburgh

The Stranglers (Support: The Godfathers)
"Jet Black is 74 years old, and can still play like a demon"

The Stranglers: The Picture House, Edinburgh – live review
"Dave Greenfield sometimes appeared to be miming, which is a great shame as his signature keyboard flourishes are integral to the sound."

Toiler On The Sea
Stranglers Waltzinblack and Toiler..Live Edinburgh 2013..Can You feel it tour

Info: Artist: The Stranglers Tour: Feel It Live Date: 01 Mar 2013 Venue: Edinburgh Picture House City: Edinburgh Country: United Kingdom Notes: Jim plays drums for first part of gig, Jet Black plays from Genetix, both play for Tank Add … Continue reading

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