29 Jun 2013 Review: Totem & Taboo, writewyattuk

Hugh Cornwell – Totem and Taboo
"Here for all intents and purposes is an established artist on a creative high, and as fresh in outlook as in those ’70s and ’80s heydays. And while the voice brings Lou Reed to mind at key points, there are parallels with David Bowie’s 2013 successful return The Next Day and its own self-titled intro."

20 Jun 2013 Interview: Robert Williams, Frieda’s Whip

Interview: robert williams
"In 1979, shortly after the release of the Stranglers’ classic Black and White album, Williams teamed up with Hugh Cornwell to make the darkly eccentric Nosferatu. Williams played most of the instruments, except for guitar, and co-wrote and co-produced everything on it (Cornwell took full writing credit for the last two songs on the album, Wrong Way Round and Puppets; Williams now concedes that allowing him to do this was a mistake)."