07 Jun 2013 The Stranglers in Chicago



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My weekend in Chicago with the Stranglers by DC-in-Detroit
"The Stranglers are especially rare in that they've continued to create and play and tour for all these years. Seeing them perform in 2013 didn't make me feel like it was 1993 again; it was much better."


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Time Was Once On My Side [lyte id="2j92EliMSIE" /]

Robots [lyte id="4541fc73P1w" /]

Always The Sun [lyte id="r7PUyGTbHK8" /]

Burning Up Time [lyte id="Ncf2yErMEtk" /]

Golden Brown [lyte id="3CxYWCjVwR0" /]

Freedom Is Insane [lyte id="uTWFjNeBzrY" /]

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Goodbye Toulouse [lyte id="tOzSJWSNdps" /]

Grip [lyte id="5gJ0Edm9fPw" /]

Nuclear Device [lyte id="FC4YbhK56r8" /]

Relentless [lyte id="3dvMQ4NqWGI" /]

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Hanging Around [lyte id="wOYV3pXK1r0" /]

No More Heroes [lyte id="SAOx5xzqZKw" /]

Duchess [lyte id="c9xN5Rda7tY" /]

Who Wants The World? [lyte id="LAztVaiHthI" /]

Walk On By [lyte id="MHJRJq3E77Y" /]

Skin Deep [lyte id="iBobTSYpXsc" /]