12 Aug 2013 The Stranglers at the Proms

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Prom 40: 6 Music Prom, FT Laura Marling, Cerys Matthews and others (****)
"Always more than three-chord wonders, the once-belligerent punk veterans returned for the gorgeous harpsichord-inflected 'Golden Brown', the black-dressed four-piece and the classical ensemble weaving a bewitching tapestry of obscure time signatures."

Prom 40: 6 Music Prom, The Stranglers, Laura Marling, London Sinfonietta
"The first Radio 6 Prom collides, with mixed results, the Stranglers and Berio, Laura Marling and Xenakis"

Live | Laura Marling, Cerys Matthews, The Stranglers & the London Sinfonietta @ Royal Albert Hall
"The Stranglers were as commanding as you’d expect but finale ‘Golden Brown’ felt more messy than it should – a near-perfect pop song that didn’t especially benefit from added depth and complexity and a bit of confusion around time signatures."

Proms 2013: 6 Music Prom, Royal Albert Hall - music review
"The first 6 Music Prom saw The Stranglers smothered by London Sinfonietta, but Laura Marling shone through with songs that showed the worlds of pop and classical can do perfectly well without each other"

Prom 40: 6 Music – The Stranglers, Cerys Matthews, Laura Marling, Anna Stéphany, London Sinfonietta
"We had come full-circle, and The Stranglers were back with a triptych of hit songs. ‘Always the Sun’ and ‘Duchess’ gave the band a chance to settle-in further, Jean-Jacques Burnel’s resonant vocals audience-supported."

Prom 40: The 6 Music Prom with London Sinfonietta, The Stranglers, Laura Marling and more
"It was just a pity that piling the heavily-amped electric instruments on top of the Sinfonietta’s playing resulted in a somewhat cacophonous sound; the Royal Albert Hall’s acoustic was largely to blame."


No More Heroes
Always The Sun
Golden Brown


The Stranglers at #6MusicProms

The Stranglers opening the Proms at The Royal Albert Hall

On stage with The Stranglers

Here we are on stage with The Stranglers at the sound check for tonight's Prom!

The Stranglers

6 Music Prom with Steve Lamacq


Golden Brown

Stranglers at the Proms - Golden Brown

No More Heroes

The Stranglers at The Proms

Golden Brown

The Stranglers at the Proms

Golden Brown

"Golden Brown" - The Stranglers with the London Sinfonietta at The Royal Albert Hall #BBCProms

No More Heroes

BBC Proms w/The Stranglers - No More Heroes - Royal Albert Hall - 12.08.2013

Always The Sun

Stranglers at the Proms - Always the Sun (Part of)