10 Mar 2014 The Stranglers in Nottingham

Review: The Stranglers, Rock City
"A fantastic evening that took this fan back to his youth when I was mortgage free and lithe enough to squeeze myself through a toilet window at a Northern university to watch them for the first time."

The Stranglers Play Packed Gig in Nottingham’s Rock City
"Overall I was surprised by just how much fun The Stranglers were to watch. As they are an older band I wasn’t expecting to be left feeling so entertained, and I certainly wasn’t expecting them to treat their fans to a 2 hour long set including 2 encores."

REVIEW: The Stranglers @ Rock City [10/3/14]
"The Stranglers aren’t a band who need much tarting up. Their songs speak for themselves."

The Stranglers Ruby Anniversary Tour @ Rock City 10/03/2014
"The Stranglers played an amazing show; they took us through a journey of their biggest hits and treated us with some lesser heard live tracks, which was a huge joy for me."

The Stranglers - 'Peaches' Live at Rock City, Nottingham 10th March 2014

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08 Mar 2014 The Stranglers in London

The Stranglers at Hammersmith Apollo | Live review
"From his leering vocals on Time to Die and the heel-toe, waltz-step he employs throughout the set, we get the distinct impression that he gives a toss, which is perhaps rare."

The Stranglers plus Nine Below Zero Live at The Hammersmith Apollo. Sat 8th March 2014
"Pure genius!"

The Stranglers @ Hammersmith Apollo - 08/03/14
"Things have changed for the band in the last 40 years: members have come and gone; hair levels have fluctuated. One thing that has certainly not changed, however, is the intensity of the passion directed towards the band from their devoted fans."

The Stranglers, forty years hanging around
"But no: 75-old Mr Duffy must have smoked more oxygen than usual and remained in the saddle to play, now more briskly, the haunting Always The Sun and the speedy syncopations of Genetix, to a general applause which left the zenith of the evening immersed in a mixture of nostalgia and real presence."

Golden Brown
The Stranglers - Golden Brown - JET BLACK - 2014 Hammersmith Apollo

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07 Mar 2014 The Stranglers in Folkestone

The Stranglers 40th Anniversary Tour at The Leas Cliff Hall – Review and Photos
"Equally on the opposite end was a moment filled with stunning harmonies and Baz caressing the same guitar in a manner any lady would be envious of!"

Nice N Sleazy
Stranglers - Nice'n'Sleazy - Roady Sexy Striptease - Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall

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06 Mar 2014 The Stranglers in Brighton

The Stranglers, Brighton Dome Concert Hall, March 6
"Baz Warne and founder members Jean-Jacques Burnel on bass and Dave Greenfield on key-boards gave it their all, but it was a shame 74-year-old drummer Jet Black was too ill to play. He was ably replaced by Jim McCauley, but that will have disappointed many fans."

Review: The Stranglers @ Brighton Dome 6th March 2014
"When he can [no] longer contribute – and I don't think that's long – then there will be no more Stranglers."

The Stranglers, Brighton Dome
"The Stranglers are still a force to be reckoned with but they needed a little more oomph tonight."

Hanging Around
The Stranglers - Hanging Around - Live - Brighton

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03 Mar 2014 The Stranglers in Liverpool

The Stranglers, Gig Review. 02 Academy, Liverpool. (2014).
"There are not many bands that can fill the 02 Academy year after year, gig after unrelenting spellbound gig and leave the audience completely and utterly enraptured with the spectacle that has unfolded before them."

REVIEW: The Stranglers, O2 Academy, 03.04.14
"Throughout it all for 40 years The Stranglers have been, not just gold, but a more rare commodity, the treasure beyond affluence and cynical wealth."

The Stranglers: O2 Academy, Liverpool – live review
"The connection between The Stranglers and Liverpool dates back nearly as far as the bands entire 40yr career ..."

No More Heroes
The Stranglers - No More Heroes

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01 Mar 2014 The Stranglers in Dunfermline

The Stranglers: Here come the Men In Black ...
"There were more than a few nods to the band’s sometimes controversial past in the videos and press cuttings on the screens, and Hugh Cornwalls role was fully acknowledged, albeit with the cheeky parting newspaper headline ‘‘where are Hugh now baby?’’"

Thrown Away
The Stranglers - Thrown Away

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