27 Feb 2014 The Stranglers in Inverness

REVIEW: The Stranglers
"There might have been a few other dads dancing in the crowd had the Ironworks not been packed so tightly that even a nostalgic pogo seemed out of the question, leaving it up to bass-man Burnel and frontman and guitarist Baz Warne to jig along to a song intro and do the dancing on the crowd’s behalf."

Reliving Their Youth
"Most harrowing was the footage during the anti-war song “North Winds Blowing” – war and burns victims, young and old, made painful and uncomfortable viewing."

Hanging Around
THE STRANGLERS-hanging around

Info: Artist: The Stranglers Tour: 2014 The Ruby Tour Date: 27 Feb 2014 Venue: Ironworks City: Inverness Address: 122B Academy Street Inverness, Inverness-Shire IV1 1LX Country: United Kingdom Add to Google Calendar | Download iCal

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26 Jan 2014 Hugh Cornwell in Belfast

"Where’s my guitarist?"

Cornwell loses cool mid-set but thrills with up-tempo Golden Brown
"The more Hugh spoke the more he comes across as a man with little humour but blessed with a rampant ego - a formidable personality combination."

Former Strangler is in fine form, but still loses his cool
"A foul mouthed harangue followed, destroying what had been an, up until then, affable atmosphere."

Old punks ain't happy being strangled by punters' drivel
"In the true spirit of punk, the old Hugh might even have waded into the crowd to sort 'em out."

No More Heroes
Hugh Cornwell - No More Heroes

Info: Artist: Hugh Cornwell Date: 26 Jan 2014 Venue: Out To Lunch Arts Festival City: Belfast Address: The Black Box Country: United Kingdom Add to Google Calendar | Download iCal

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