07 Feb 2015 Interview: Baz Warne, nemmblog

Baz Warne of The Stranglers talks to NE:MM ahead of the band’s O2 Academy, Newcastle gig on 12th march 2015
"I mean if the 80s was a bit synthier and a bit poppier, we can do that, we can go to the growly stuff of the 70s and the new material that we’ve been writing and releasing over the last 10 to 15 years is rockier as well so…It does kick arse, it really does kick arse!"

06 Feb 2015 Interview: JJ Burnel, Backseat Mafia

Interview: JJ Burnel talks about The Stranglers upcoming tour & past/ present relationships within the band.
"No. And he’s done some rather underhand things in the last few years which kind of seals our estrangement really. I really don’t understand where he’s at these days and when I hear about with some of the things he’s done, it leaves me rather underwhelmed."