24 Sep 2015 Interview: Hugh Cornwell, BBC Radio Stoke

Hugh Cornwell Part 1 : Why The Stranglers weren’t really punks
Hugh Cornwell recalls how The Stranglers got caught up in the punk movement of the 1970s

Hugh Cornwell Part 2: The Stranglers’ early days and Golden Brown
Hugh discusses the early days of the band and one of their biggest hits Golden Brown

Hugh Cornwell Part 3: The new heros and Shakespearos – What he’s writing music about now
Hugh wants to write music about famous people who don’t normally have songs about them!

23 Sep 2015 Hugh Cornwell in Amsterdam

One Burning Desire / Leave Me Alone / Hot Cat On A Tin Roof
Hugh Cornwell & Band - Live @ OCCII - Amsterdam - NL - 23.09.2015 - Pt 1.

Info: Artist: Hugh Cornwell Date: 23 Sep 2015 Venue: OCCii City: Amsterdam Address: Onafhankelijk Cultureel Centrum in it, Amstelveense 134, 1075 Amsterdam Country: Belgium Add to Google Calendar | Download iCal

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05 Sep 2015 Hugh Cornwell at Weyfest