17 Mar 2015 The Stranglers in Leeds


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Stranglers live review: ‘Still so much raw energy and power’
"For men in their 50’s and 60’s, ageing punk standard-bearers The Stranglers swagger out in front of a packed o2 Academy crowd with just enough bravado to further raise the hopes of every member of the audience."

Live: The Stranglers, O2 Academy, Leeds, 17/3/15.
"There are far too many highlights to go through them all but the opening of salvo of Lonships, The Raven, Straighten Out and Grip were a fantastic mixture of power and melody, and were viscerally exciting. Hearing Four Horsemen, Nice in Nice and Curfew for the first time in years was great and I was so happy that they played the amazing Baroque Bordello."

THE STRANGLERS, Leeds O2 Academy
"The Stranglers never disappoint, but I seriously think this is the best performance I have seen from them yet. That is saying a lot about one of the UK’s best live bands. They are, without question, at the pinnacle of their game."



Relentless The Stranglers 17 3 15 O2 Academy Leeds

Longships / The Raven

Longships The Raven The Stranglers 17 3 15 O2 Academy Leeds

No More Heroes

No More Heroes The Stranglers 17 3 15 O2 Academy Leeds


Peaches - The Stranglers - Leeds 17 March 2015

No More Heroes

Heroes - The Stranglers - Leeds 17 March 2015

I Feel Like A Wog

The stranglers. I feel like a wog. Leeds