26 Nov 2015 The Stranglers in London


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Simple Minds and The Stranglers, O2 Arena, gig review: This might just the best pairing yet
"Bassist Jean-Jacques Burnel and “look at me drink a pint while I solo” keyboard-player Dave Greenfield remain the mainstays of the seminal group whose 50 minute set still carries the snarl and swagger of old, from ''Grip'' via ''Peaches'' to their reinvention of ''Walk On By'', and features a potent brace of recent songs too."


Norfolk Coast

The Stranglers -Norfolk Coast- 26/11/2015 @ the O2 London

Walk On By

The Stranglers -Walk On By- 26/11/2015 @ The O2 London

No More Heroes

The Stranglers @ 02 arena

Golden Brown

The Stranglers -Golden Brown- @ O2 Arena 26/11/2015

Toiler On The Sea

The Stranglers - O2 Arena 26 November 2015 - Guests of Simple Minds - Toiler On The Sea

Walk On By

The Stranglers Walk on By

No More Heroes

The Stranglers - No More Heroes @ O2 Arena 26/11/15