31 Jan 2016 Interview: Baz Warne, Bristol 365

Interview with Baz Warne from The Stranglers playing in Bristol on 19 March 2016
"Yes, it really is. I’ve sat over countless years learning the songs that I’ve been asked to learn, thinking “Oh Lord, I’m not looking forward to doing this” and then “Oh, is that all it is; it’s so easy”. It’s just the way it’s all been thought through and recorded."

14 Jan 2016 Interview: Hugh Cornwell, All Access

An Interview With Influential Punk And New Wave Musician, HUGH CORNWELL On His Past Music With The Stranglers and Current Solo Work
"Mose Allison is one of the all time greats of modern music, and one day will be talked about in the same breath as Cole Porter and Jerome Kern. He’s one of my only inspirations who is still alive."