10 Mar 2017 The Stranglers in Dunfermline


201703 stranglers uk tour

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Always The Sun

Always the Sun, The Stranglers, Alhambra, Dunfermline....10-3-2017


The Stranglers,Get a Grip on Yourself

Dagenham Dave

Dagenham Dave, The Stranglers, Alhambra, Dunfermline....10-3-2017

Golden Brown

The Stranglers,Golden Brown,Alhambra, Dunfermline....10-3-2017


The Stranglers, Peaches, Alhambra, Dunfermline....10-3-2017

Relentless / Something Better Change

The Stranglers,Relentless & Something Better Change, Alhambra,Dunfermline....10-3-2017

No More Heroes

The Stranglers, No More Heroes,Alhambra, Dunfermline....10-3-2017

Hanging Around / 5 Minutes

The Stranglers, Hanging Around, 5 Minutes, Alhambra, Dunfermline....10-3-2017

No More Heroes

No More Hero's.. The Stranglers @ The Alhambra 10/2017.. .

Something Better Change

Something Better Change ..The Stranglers @ The Alhambra 10/3/2017...


Peaches..The Stranglers @ The Alhambra 10/3/2017 ..

Golden Brown

Golden Brown...The Stranglers @ The Alhambra Dunfermline 10/3/2017..

The Raven

The Stranglers: The Raven - live in Dunfermline Friday 10th March 2017