17 Mar 2017 The Stranglers in Leeds


201703 stranglers uk tour


The Stranglers @ O2 Academy, 17/3/17
"They knew their fans and they played exactly what they were looking for, as they smashed their hits, with extreme precision. I was amazed, as I heard ‘Peaches’ sound almost identically to the original which came out 40 years ago."


The Stranglers: O2 Academy, Leeds


Go Buddy Go

GO BUDDY GO. Stranglers ,Leeds 02 Academy Fri 17th March 2017

Hanging Around

Stranglers /Hanging Around. Leeds 02 Academy ,Fri 17th March 2017.

Bear Cage / Who Wants The World?

Bear Cage/ Who Wants The World? The Stranglers Leeds O2 Academy 17/03/2017

Bear Cage

the stranglers live @ 02academy leeds bearcage 17/3/17

Always The Sun

the stranglers live @ 02academy leeds theres always the sun 17/3/17