21 Mar 2017 The Stranglers in Guildford


201703 stranglers uk tour


Gig Review – The Stranglers
"Dave delivers! Grinning like the lovable demonic keyboard wizard that he is. A joy to behold with the eyes and the ears."


The Raven

The Stranglers G-Live March 17 Intro / Raven

Golden Brown

The Stranglers - Golden Brown - G-Live Mar 2017

No More Heroes

Stranglers G-Live Mar 2017 No More Heroes

Go Buddy Go / No More Heroes

Go buddy go/No more heroes-The Stranglers@Glive,Guildford 21st March 2017

Never To Look Back

Stranglers - Never To Look Back - Guildford - 21-March-2017

15 Steps

Stranglers - 15 Steps - Guildford - 21-March-2017

Was It You?

Stranglers - Was It You? - Guildford - 21-March-2017

Down In The Sewer

Down in the sewer-The Stranglers@Glive,Guildford 21st March 2017