26 Mar 2018 The Stranglers in Guildford


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The Stranglers review, Guildford: Carefree fun
"The moody bass of 'Peaches' hits the crowd with delectable swagger, but there's nothing like 'Golden Brown' in a venue lit up by a disco ball"

The Stranglers review: G-Live concert was their best yet
"THE STRANGLERS were on fine form as they reminded the G-LIve crowd in their hometown of past glories and more recent triumphs."


Walk On By

The Stranglers - Walk On By @ G Live, Guildford 26/3/18

Golden Brown

The Stranglers - Golden Brown @ G Live, Guildford 26/3/18

Bear Cage

The Stranglers - Bear Cage @ G Live, Guildford 26/3/18

Go Buddy Go / No More Heroes

The Stranglers at G-Live , Guildford-Baz banter 26/03/18