31 Jan 2016 Interview: Baz Warne, Bristol 365

Interview with Baz Warne from The Stranglers playing in Bristol on 19 March 2016
"Yes, it really is. I’ve sat over countless years learning the songs that I’ve been asked to learn, thinking “Oh Lord, I’m not looking forward to doing this” and then “Oh, is that all it is; it’s so easy”. It’s just the way it’s all been thought through and recorded."

10 Jul 2015 Interview: Baz Warne, The Argus

The Stranglers guitarist Baz Warne on the departure of Jet Black and looking to the next 40 years
"“I spoke to Jet half-an-hour ago, he gives us all his fond good wishes, but he would rather The Stranglers progress without him than not be at all. His leaving has been a gradual process – inspirationally he will always be a touchstone and totem for us. Whenever he can make an appearance he will.”"

26 Mar 2015 Interview: Baz Warne, Mancunianmatters

‘The aim’s just to stay alive’: The Stranglers on 40 years of crazy antics, old age, and being a British institution
"With 76-year-old drummer Jet Black sticking up a middle finger to health conditions which threaten leaving him for dead at each gig on the tour, The Stranglers still have every bit of the punk spirit they’ve proudly carried for 40 years."

16 Mar 2015 Interview: Baz Warne, Southern Daily Echo

The Daily Echo talks to The Stranglers frontman and guitarist Baz Warne ahead of their gig at Portsmouth Guildhall
"“There is not so much abject violence in the crowd now... it can be very exciting. One of the strange things about days gone by is you would get more of the men having a punch up – now you have to watch out for the women grabbing your behind!”"