17 Nov 2018 Hugh Cornwell in York

Gig review: Hugh Cornwell at Fibbers, York
"In one of his concerts a few years ago, Hugh Cornwell said: ‘I’m going to play my solo material in the first set and then The Stranglers stuff... because if it was the other way around you would all go home!’"

Hugh Cornwell – Review and Photos
"Recently I have begun listening to more of Hugh’s solo albums, and after being a keen Stranglers fan I found myself slipping into the ‘better with/without Hugh Cornwell’ debate that seems to be an ongoing theme between Stranglers fans. Personally I think his material is great and that was proven throughout his live performance."

Nice N Sleazy
hugh cornwell - nice 'n' sleazy - fibbers york 17.11.18

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07 Nov 2018 Hugh Cornwell in Bristol

Review: Hugh Cornwell at The Fleece - The Stanglers frontman performs a night of pure punk nostalgia
"He may be old enough to have a bus pass and state pension but he still looks as tough and uncompromising as when his contemporaries were Joe Strummer and Johnny Rotten."

Hugh Cornwell Bristol 2018-11-07 Peaches

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25 Sep 2018 Hugh Cornwell at the Hope and Anchor

Hugh finds no heroes in celeb culture
"This album is a reaction to the whole current trend of ‘celebrity’ because the celebrity that people are striving for now has nothing to do with achievement – it’s just for the sake of celebrity."

What a buzz it was to have @HughCornwell from The Stranglers back on stage here this week!!Discussing his forthcoming album "Monster" with 6Music's Matt Everitt and told some great stories of The Stranglers early appearances down here. And then treated … Continue reading

31 Mar 2018 The Stranglers in Manchester

The Stranglers/Therapy? : Manchester : Live Review
"The song was not even a proper hit when it was released (number 36 in 1980) – a weird, dark, downbeat song – its dirty disco and pounding malevolence was a brooding warm up for the soon to come The Raven album."

Go Buddy Go / No More Heroes
The stranglers 2018 manchester .part 4 of 4 (grand finale)

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30 Mar 2018 The Stranglers in Cambridge

Review: The Stranglers At The Cambridge Corn Exchange
"The determination and ebullient nature of The Stranglers fanbase in Cambridge last Friday night at The Corn Exchange was a real demonstration and indicative of what it is that the band brings and what their music evokes in so many."

Golden Brown
Golden Brown - The Stranglers

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27 Mar 2018 The Stranglers in Reading

Live Review: The Stranglers at Reading’s Hexagon
"The Stranglers continuing touring success must in part lie in their well-chosen setlists. The band don’t just roll out the same old tired ‘Best Of’ vehicle, in fact, tonight is almost the complete opposite."

The Stranglers 'Water' 27/03/18 Reading Hexagon

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26 Mar 2018 The Stranglers in Guildford

The Stranglers review, Guildford: Carefree fun
"The moody bass of 'Peaches' hits the crowd with delectable swagger, but there's nothing like 'Golden Brown' in a venue lit up by a disco ball"

The Stranglers review: G-Live concert was their best yet
"THE STRANGLERS were on fine form as they reminded the G-LIve crowd in their hometown of past glories and more recent triumphs."

Walk On By
The Stranglers - Walk On By @ G Live, Guildford 26/3/18

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