25 Nov 2014 Hugh Cornwell in Wolverhampton

You’re equal, but different
"Hugh Cornwell and Hazel O’Connor. Two songwriters, two ways to treat a back catalogue."

Hugh Cornwell and Hazel O’Connor at The Robin 2, Bilston, UK
"Cornwell was punkier and rawer. He’s clearly still angry and snarly."

Hanging Around
Hugh Cornwell and Hazel O'Conner 'hanging around'

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01 Nov 2014 Hugh Cornwell at the Whitby Goth Weekend

"With a mix of old and new, I think what made Hugh such a personable experience is that it almost felt as if it wasn’t a concert at all – more of a jam session. It didn’t feel like it was pre-planned or to a set list – it just felt like musicians doing what they do best."

No More Heroes
No More Heroes as Beaker is a VAMPIRE!!!

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07 Oct 2014 Jack Lilley Stranglers Bonneville

Jack Lilley Ltd Stranglers Bonneville presented by JJ Burnel.
Stranglers Bonneville presented to winner by JJ Burnel

04 Oct 2014 Hugh Cornwell in Hilversum

Hugh Cornwell (Podium De Vorstin Hilversum, 04-10-2014)
"Ook in zijn teksten is Cornwell nog niks van zijn scherpte kwijtgeraakt. Ironisch, snerend en schijnbaar controversieel observeert hij de wereld om zich heen met een ontwapenend satanisch genoegen."

Get A Grip On Yourself
Hugh Cornwell Get A Grip on your self-2014-10-04 De Vorstin Hilversum

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03 Oct 2014 Hugh Cornwell Live uit Lloyd

Live from Lloyd: Hugh Cornwell – Vocals & Guitars, Caroline Campbell – Bass Guitar & backing vocals, Chris Bell – Drums. Audio: Strange Little Girl Audio: God is a Woman Audio: Peaches Audio: God, Guns and Gays Audio: A Street Called Carroll / Straighten Out Audio: I want One Of Those Strange Little Girl
Live uit Lloyd - Hugh Cornwell - Strange Little Girl
God Is A Woman
Live uit Lloyd - Hugh Cornwell - God is a Woman
Live uit Lloyd - Hugh Cornwell - Peaches
Gods, Guns and Gays
Live uit Lloyd - Hugh Cornwell - God, Guns and Gays
A Street Called Carroll / Straighten Out
Live uit Lloyd - Hugh Cornwell - A Street Called Carroll / Straighten Out
I Want One Of Those
Live uit Lloyd - Hugh Cornwell - I Want One of Those

02 Oct 2014 Hugh Cornwell in Hengelo

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06 Sep 2014 Hugh Cornwell in Bristol

Hugh Cornwell acoustic set as part of the Bristol University School of Biochemistry’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

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