06 Mar 2015 The Stranglers in London

The Stranglers : The Roundhouse : live review
"Longships, The Raven, Straighten Out…few bands can kick a set off with music as diverse, inventive and as damn powerful as that."

Gig review: THE STRANGLERS – The Roundhouse, London, 6th March 2015
"Now, the Stranglers are pulling off that very special trick of growing old credibly. JJ Burnel has never looked cooler than now."

Down In The Sewer
The Stranglers - Down In The Sewer - The Roundhouse 06/03/2015

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07 Dec 2014 Hugh Cornwell in Norwich

Hugh Cornwell
"The thumping Stuck in Daily Mail Land blended Campbell’s driving bass with amazing percussion from Chris Bell. Cornwell’s voice smooth but always able to go up a notch, he commented on the undeniably subdued audience, before hammering into Dagenham Dave."

Hanging Around
Hanging Around, Hazel O'Connor with Hugh Cornwell

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04 Dec 2014 Hugh Cornwell in London

Gig Review – Hugh Cornwell, Hazel O’Connor, John Cooper Clarke – Electric Ballroom Camden Town – 4th December 2014.
"Hugh then introduces a very special guest the Lithuanian (from Epsom) youtube artist Seethelittlenuclei (well known for her Stranglers covers) to duet with him for Souls. A brilliant moment, inspired and touching!"

Souls - Live performance with Hugh Cornwell @ The Electric Ballroom, Camden (2014 December 4)

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25 Nov 2014 Hugh Cornwell in Wolverhampton

You’re equal, but different
"Hugh Cornwell and Hazel O’Connor. Two songwriters, two ways to treat a back catalogue."

Hugh Cornwell and Hazel O’Connor at The Robin 2, Bilston, UK
"Cornwell was punkier and rawer. He’s clearly still angry and snarly."

Hanging Around
Hugh Cornwell and Hazel O'Conner 'hanging around'

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01 Nov 2014 Hugh Cornwell at the Whitby Goth Weekend

"With a mix of old and new, I think what made Hugh such a personable experience is that it almost felt as if it wasn’t a concert at all – more of a jam session. It didn’t feel like it was pre-planned or to a set list – it just felt like musicians doing what they do best."

No More Heroes
No More Heroes as Beaker is a VAMPIRE!!!

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