16 Mar 2013 The Stranglers in Birmingham

The Stranglers + The Godfathers at the O2 Academy, Birmingham, UK – 16th March 2013
"The Stranglers are indeed one hell of a class act, J.J. probably one of the best bass players out there. And they are still uncompromising. And still clearly love what they do after all these years. And they roll on."

The Stranglers - Not just for Christmas
"A few things, it was the Feel It Live tour, and bassist Jean Jacques Burnell decided we should feel the bass which with booming feedback left the chap in front of me, already with ear plugs in, grab his ears in pain ..."

Live Review: The Stranglers
"The Stranglers are a piece of history; a British institution. And tonight, they’ve more than lived up to that title."

The Stranglers playing "Bitching" live at Birmingham on 16 March 2013

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15 Mar 2013 The Stranglers in London

The Stranglers: Roundhouse : March 2013 – live review
"Surely this is against the rules. There’s no way this deep into a career a band can be peaking again. Yet here are The Stranglers, 40 years down the line delivering the best gigs I’ve seen them play in years of watching them."

"From the lumbering recognisable groove of Peaches through to modern classic Freedom Is Insane, the band have never sounded tighter."

The Stranglers, live at the Roundhouse, London
"To play the outrageous ‘Bring On The Nubiles’ just before ‘Duchess’ was a wonderful touch"

Goodbye Toulouse / Get A Grip On Yourself
Goodbye Toulouse and Grip The Stranglers Roundhouse 15 March 2013

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14 Mar 2013 The Stranglers in Brighton

The Stranglers, Brighton Dome Concert Hall, March 14
"At times keyboardist Dave Greenfield, a Brighton boy himself, seemed on a different planet altogether, staring vacantly out into the audience while he tested the amps with searing sound effects"

Return Of the Rocking Ancients: The Stranglers Turned Back The Clock @ Brighton Dome
"They played with an energy that belied the two remaining members' years. The newer material blended seamlessly with the old, and for every Golden Brown there was a Mercury Rising"

Live Review: The Stranglers – Brighton 14/3/13
"Brighton boy Greenfield’s return to his home town. “He’s been eating rock and walking along the prom all day”"

The Stranglers
"... the band played longer melodic numbers that veered off into prog rock meanderings, whilst never being dull or boring."

Genetix The Stranglers

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12 Mar 2013 The Stranglers in Guildford

The Stranglers - Live at Guildford G-Live March 12th
"So, no more pining for the old days - if you haven't yet been converted please do give the band a try, you will not be disappointed."

The Stranglers - Tank, G Live, Guildford, UK, March 12, 2013

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09 Mar 2013 The Stranglers in Leeds

Review: The Stranglers - O2 Academy Leeds, 09/03
"Is this any more than a karaoke act designed to keep the Stranglers faithful happy? Quite honestly, no. The Stranglers, even without their singer, are still The Stranglers, and from what I saw tonight, it seems people still want more of The Stranglers."

Review: The Stranglers
"Jet’s arrival was heralded by chants of his name as he leaped unfazed into one of The Stranglers’ most complex rhythmical songs, Genetix. Jet’s precision drumming, Dave Greenfield’s unrivalled key’s playing and the combination of JJ Burnel and Warne on guitar set the level of musicianship at a new high as they tore through hits Who Wants the World and Duchess."

Toiler On The Sea
The Stranglers-Toiler On The Sea - Leeds 9-3-13

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08 Mar 2013 The Stranglers in Lincoln

The Stranglers @ Lincoln Engine Shed
"What was surprising, and simultaneously refreshing, was the amount of younger fans at the gig, highlighting the fact that this band are indeed still relevant."

The Stranglers – Live
"... since the departure of Hugh Cornwell in 1990 The Stranglers have remained stable and strong – their most recent album, 2012’s Giants, was an excellent return to a sound akin to that of their 1970s heyday"

Golden Brown
The Stranglers - Golden Brown live 2013

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07 Mar 2013 The Stranglers in Liverpool

The Stranglers: Liverpool O2 Academy – live review
"The spread of songs from the band’s 17 albums is breath taking and somehow they combine a sense of their own history with a bizarre sense of going forward"

The Stranglers, Gig Review. o2 Academy, Liverpool.
"From the moment he came on stage, taking over the duties from the superb Jim Macaulay, the shouts from the audience were strong and full of love for the man who has given everything in the name of Stranglers."

REVIEW: The Stranglers, O2 Academy 07/03/13
"One of the great survivors of the late 1970s punk explosion, The Stranglers to this day remain an important and resonating band to catch live."

Golden Brown
The Stranglers Golden Brown. O2 Academy Liverpool 7.3.13

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01 Mar 2013 The Stranglers in Edinburgh

The Stranglers (Support: The Godfathers)
"Jet Black is 74 years old, and can still play like a demon"

The Stranglers: The Picture House, Edinburgh – live review
"Dave Greenfield sometimes appeared to be miming, which is a great shame as his signature keyboard flourishes are integral to the sound."

Toiler On The Sea
Stranglers Waltzinblack and Toiler..Live Edinburgh 2013..Can You feel it tour

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