29 Jun 2013 Review: Totem & Taboo, writewyattuk

Hugh Cornwell – Totem and Taboo
"Here for all intents and purposes is an established artist on a creative high, and as fresh in outlook as in those ’70s and ’80s heydays. And while the voice brings Lou Reed to mind at key points, there are parallels with David Bowie’s 2013 successful return The Next Day and its own self-titled intro."

09 Jun 2013 Guitars On The Beach at Lyme Regis

Guitars on the beach
"Join the band ...."

Guitarists wanted for record bid attempt in Lyme Regis
""Paul's on a world tour, so I was surprised to get a letter from him saying he's checking to see if he can fit in the Guitars On The Beach gig," Mr Baker added."

Guitarists urged to join record bid
"Already more than 1,000 musicians, including The Stranglers' Hugh Cornwell and Paul McCartney and John Mayer's lead guitarist Robbie McIntosh, have signed up for the event ..."

Paul McCartney keen to join biggest band stunt
"SIR PAUL McCARTNEY and THE STRANGLERS star HUGH CORNWELL are set to join 2,000 other musicians in a bid to create the U.K.'s biggest ever band."