20 Jun 2016 Review: Euroman Cometh, The Telegraph

Let's not forget all that Europe has done to improve British men
"In 1979 I bought a pretty awful album called Euroman Cometh, an attempt by The Stranglers’ Franco-English (or is that Anglo-French?) bassist Jean-Jacques Burnel to go solo. Songs like ‘Do the European’, ‘Eurospeed’ and ‘Euromess’ didn’t work for me and I don’t think they worked for Burnel either. Since then he’s stuck to bass-playing, karate and swearing at people."

30 Mar 2016 Interview: JJ Burnel, Blank Gold Coast

The Stranglers: The Return of the Meninblack
"I suspect it’s a combination of the last three albums having been very well received, a general re-assessment of the band, a reaction to X Factor, Pop idol etc from the more savvy teenagers and the fact that all the high jinx we were involved in back in the day, which detracted from our music, is possibly now seen as a badge of honour in these more sterile times."