17 Mar 2015 The Stranglers in Leeds

Stranglers live review: ‘Still so much raw energy and power’
"For men in their 50’s and 60’s, ageing punk standard-bearers The Stranglers swagger out in front of a packed o2 Academy crowd with just enough bravado to further raise the hopes of every member of the audience."

Live: The Stranglers, O2 Academy, Leeds, 17/3/15.
"There are far too many highlights to go through them all but the opening of salvo of Lonships, The Raven, Straighten Out and Grip were a fantastic mixture of power and melody, and were viscerally exciting. Hearing Four Horsemen, Nice in Nice and Curfew for the first time in years was great and I was so happy that they played the amazing Baroque Bordello."

THE STRANGLERS, Leeds O2 Academy
"The Stranglers never disappoint, but I seriously think this is the best performance I have seen from them yet. That is saying a lot about one of the UK’s best live bands. They are, without question, at the pinnacle of their game."

Relentless The Stranglers 17 3 15 O2 Academy Leeds

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14 Mar 2015 The Stranglers in Birmingham

The Stranglers Birmingham 02 Academy 14th March 2015 Review by Nell Ashley
"Classic rat walking 'n' stalking from Baz and JJ during Down In The Sewer, the chant for founding member Jet Black who talk to the stage halfway through and the goosebumps as the crowd sing the final "God forbid" during Duchess."

The Raven
The stranglers - The Raven

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09 Mar 2015 The Stranglers in Liverpool

Review: The Stranglers at the O2 Academy
"Headline-grabbing, controversial and downright seedy, one word you would never associate with The Stranglers is 'poignant.'"

The Stranglers: O2 Academy, Liverpool – live review
"The band storm ashore in this ancient seaport with their triumphant Nordic twin tracks; overture Longships followed by crowd favourite The Raven."

No More Heroes
The Stranglers - No More Heroes 09/03/15

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06 Mar 2015 The Stranglers in London

The Stranglers : The Roundhouse : live review
"Longships, The Raven, Straighten Out…few bands can kick a set off with music as diverse, inventive and as damn powerful as that."

Gig review: THE STRANGLERS – The Roundhouse, London, 6th March 2015
"Now, the Stranglers are pulling off that very special trick of growing old credibly. JJ Burnel has never looked cooler than now."

Down In The Sewer
The Stranglers - Down In The Sewer - The Roundhouse 06/03/2015

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03 Mar 2015 The Stranglers in Brighton

The Stranglers and The Rezillos, Brighton Dome Concert Hall, Church Street, Tuesday March 3
"Unaided throughout by a light show and set that lacked imagination, there was little or no technical magic to contribute to the overall texture of the show."

Gig Review – The Stranglers – Brighton Dome – (No Spoilers) 03/03/15 (Parental Guidance)

Baroque Bordello/Golden Brown
THE STRANGLERS - Brighton 03.03.15 - Baroque Bordello/Golden Brown - SUPERB HD!

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