08 Mar 2019 The Stranglers in Dunfermline

Review: The Stranglers – The Alhambra, Dunfermline
"It’s a chilly damp evening in Dunfermline and the warm lights of the Alhambra Theatre are a welcome sight. This impressive old Duchess has seen some action in the last hundred years."

This Song
The Stranglers This Song Dunfermline 2019

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05 Mar 2019 The Stranglers in Scunthorpe

The Stranglers – Live in 2019
"There being no new Stranglers album to promote, not even an addition to their extensive range of archive live performances, theirs was basically a greatest hits show, but with hits like these who’s complaining?"

No More Heroes
The Stranglers , No More Heroes , Baths Hall Scunthorpe , 5th March 2019

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01 Mar 2019 The Stranglers in Dublin

The Stranglers in The Olympia Theatre
"Inexplicably, the bassist launches into a pre-encore chat about French melon farms until Warne takes things back to earth, with a cover of Dionne Warwick’s Walk On By running the set out."

No More Heroes
The Stranglers - No More Heroes - Live Olympia Theatre, Dublin - 01032019

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28 Feb 2019 The Stranglers in Belfast

Review: The Stranglers, Ulster Hall, Belfast
"A special moment came for devoted fans as they are privileged enough to hear a world exclusive new track from the band. Burnel exclaims “This is the first time we’ve ever played this song live, you’re the first people in the world to hear it”."

"What a night! To see two well oiled machines deliver two sets full of uncompromising passion that the phrase “blood, sweat, and tears” doesn’t even come close. Both Dr FEELFGOOD and THE STRANGLERS produced performances that left everyone fulfilled and satisfied that they had witnessed something special."

The Stranglers Ulster Hall 28 /2/2019

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01 Feb 2019 Interview: The Stranglers, Louder Than War

Jet Black rejoins The Stranglers for photo celebration of venue where they made their debut
"Jet Black, the Stranglers’ drummer and founding member, said: “These venues take years to evolve and when they get closed overnight, it’s a catastrophe. Our music industry is something we should nurture, cherish and appreciate. Other countries would give the best they have to have what we have.”"

31 Jan 2019 Interview: The Stranglers, ITV

Stranglers back Guildford Star Inn pub against closure 44 years after first performance
"For nearly every band, singer and performer "everyone has to start somewhere", which likely means a pub or small venue. In the case of the Stranglers it was The Star Inn in Guildford where, 44 years ago, the punk rock band performed their very first gig."

Stranglers back pub against closure 44 years after first performance | ITV News