30 Mar 2013 The Stranglers in Manchester

20 thoughts during The Stranglers triumphant Manchester gig
"The Strangalers made their name by playing every fucked up town in the UK that the rest of the bands didn’t dare tread, it honed their craft to perfection and also built them up a grass roots following that has never left them and got them through the bad years and is the foundation of where they are now."

Live Review: The Stranglers - Manchester Academy - 30/3/2013
"As usual, the atmosphere was great and the Men In Black were on top form."

No More Heroes
The Stranglers No More Heroes Manchester 2013

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28 Mar 2013 The Stranglers in Carlisle

The Stranglers – Feel It Live – Carlisle Sands Centre 28/03/13
"Before long it was time… A strange sound heralded the arrival of the saviours…

Burning Up Time
the stranglers burning up time Carlisle 2013 (HD)

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26 Mar 2013 The Stranglers in Salisbury

Stranglers still pull in big crowds
"THIRTY-SIX years on from the release of their debut album Rattus Norvegicus, punk survivors The Stranglers are enjoying a deserved renaissance."

The Stranglers - Salisbury - 25 March 2013
"Jet Black is still recovering from illness and the stand-in, Jim McAuley, is excellent. Actually, the entire band is excellent, individually and collectively, and I am struck by how well they play now compared to the 1970s."

Toiler On The Sea
Stranglers - waltzinblack/Toiler on the Sea - Salisbury 2013

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