13 Jul 2015 The Stranglers in York

Gig Review – The Stranglers – Fibbers York – 13th July 2015
"The Stranglers delivered a superb performance with energy and sparkle, while the crowd hung on every note and every word. And it was hot! Boy was it hot!"

The Stranglers @ Fibbers
"After a long time away from York, it was a triumphant return for The Stranglers."

Stranglers 13/7/15

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11 Jul 2015 The Stranglers at Hampton Pool

Gig Review – The Stranglers/Nine Below Zero – Hampton Pool 11th July 2015
"Baz’s banter goes from strength to strength as he teases the locals with his mock BBC English Accent (passable but with his north-eastern twang still evident)"

5 Minutes
The Stranglers Five Minutes Hampton Pool

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10 Jul 2015 Interview: Baz Warne, The Argus

The Stranglers guitarist Baz Warne on the departure of Jet Black and looking to the next 40 years
"“I spoke to Jet half-an-hour ago, he gives us all his fond good wishes, but he would rather The Stranglers progress without him than not be at all. His leaving has been a gradual process – inspirationally he will always be a touchstone and totem for us. Whenever he can make an appearance he will.”"